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1.Booking spaces from different carriers:

Based on our long-term cooperation relationship with shipping lines, such as MAERSK,MCC,CMACGM,APL,HMM,FESCO,YML,EMC,OOCL,COSCO,ZIM etc..We can provide all ports from China with order of COC and SOC with both your service contract with liners or our contract with liners.


We pick up cargo on Ex-Works, delivery to our warehouses for consolidating of small consignments of different shippers into full container. 


We provide container trucking service with appointed arriving time and place. Considering correct cargo weight plays a very important role in destination customs clearance, our trucks can check the real weight of your cargo before and after loading, which can guarantee you with a true weight in customs issues.

4.Customs Declaration:

Getting through customs quickly and efficiently is one of our competitive advantages. Based on the long-term good relationship with the customs and the inspection and quarantine administration, we are capable to provide clients with the quickest customs declaration and inspection service to meet various demands of all our clients. 

5.Cargo Insurance:

We can entrust customers for the exporing of goods related to transport your insurance. And the insurance claims faster, reflects timely. 

6.Certificates for customs clearance in POD:

We can offer those certificates such as FORM A, FORM E. CO, Fumigation, Customs Declaration, Packing List, Proforma Invoice with CCPIT and so on.


We can provide the survey in all cities in China. This can help you to monitor the standard of your cargo’s quality and quantity, in case loading some untrue products on board.