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Terminal operators will face more business risk.
Source: | Author:pmo53df07 | Published time: 2018-03-20 | 1660 Views | Share:
Drewry release their newest reports about port and terminal market report. They warned that the cash-strapped of the carrier will lower the local charge of the port and make it bigger investment risk for port in further.

This Drewry report said ,because of the increasing of Large ship’s cost, Formation of more and more shipping union   and the decreasing of Global demand growth. Terminal operators will face more business risk.

Neil Davidson, a senior analyst of Port and dock from Drewry said: our mathematical model showed that because more and more big shipper join the market, Terminal operators will have to suffered 10%-20% more Operating costs and the cost of capita than today. What is more,by the increasing of shipping union  ,Unfair competition appears when the union   member choosing the port. Terminal operators faced more business risk.

Davidson said: if return on investment are too low and investment risk are too high, Terminal operators should reduce the investment.

Drewry believe that it is too hard to relieve the pressure of local charge decreasing for the Terminal operators. The possibility depends on marketing situation and The development of large ships